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Juice Booster 2

£690.00 {£828.00} Inc VAT


The Juice Booster 2 – is the smallest lightest mobile charger which can charge an electric vehicle from virtually any power source.

The Juice Booster has been developed to provide charging facilities for electric powered transport wherever a power source is available.  It can be wall mounted using a unique locking bracket, and has integral protection from DC and AC faults, which means no RCD Class V device is required. It can used when out and about, and also as a Type2 cable at an AC charger.

It’s innovative design means the interchangeable, extensive range of over 20 adaptors, enable the Juice Booster 2 to connect to virtually any power source – and once connected, the unitautomatically adjusts to maximize power whilst providing safe charging.

It is extremely robust and able to withstand a wheel load of up to 3 tonnes should it be accidently run over. Is waterproof and tested to IP67, ultra-lightweight (just 1kg), and 100% compatible with all electric transport with either a Type2 or Type1 charging inlet.

It is supplied as a combined product consisting:

Juice Booster 2 Set comprising:

  • Juice Booster 2 Unit
  • Type2 32A 3Phase Female Connector (vehicle) with 4M cable
  • CEE Adaptor – Red 3Phase 32A
  • UK Adaptor – 3Pin 13A
  • Carry Case

Over 20 additional adaptors and accessories are available depending on requirement.

Additional adapters

Juice Booster 2 additional adapters

Product brochure

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