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Electric Car EV Charger Installation Tent – Premium Range

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Our tunnel work tents retain the cube shape, ideal for placement against a solid structure, or when you need access all the way through. Our use of translucent PVC material will allow for maximum natural light to enter the tent. Solid colour PVC material is also an option – please contact us with your requirements

Storage bag, guy straps and tent pegs included!

Standard Specifications:

– PVC coated (both sides) reinforced flame retardant cover. Special lightweight PVC material 500gms, specifically manufactured to Sheerspeed standard
– Translucent roof panel allowing maximum natural light ingress (or solid colour roof available)
– Rubber protected feet for extended product life
– 100% waterproof seams
– Wet storage properties
– 2 zip front & rear door
– Robust die-cast central joints
– Centre joint disc protection (INTEGRATED) non-conductivity & finger protection
– Integrated fibreglass framework and cover material
– Non-conductive
– UV protected
– 2off guy lines and pegs
– Manufacturers guarantee
– All spares available for tent repairs

Additional options (please contact us for any of the below):

– Additional 4 guy points
– Tent joining
– Windows
– Company logo/Branding
– Vent tubes
– Identification pockets
– Heavy-duty carry bag
– Additional front and rear zips
– Internal/External Guy Lines
– Sandbags/Ballast bags

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