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Made for installers

From the components used, to the charger setup; our chargers have been designed for easy, quick installation and maintenance.  Ready for cables from all directions; extra-large terminal apertures; an ample terminal chamber.  You won’t find a faster install.

Simply Reliable

A wide operating range, tough enclosure and certified through a rigorous test program, reliable is the byword.  This is EV charging done right.

UK based

We’re open, transparent, and accessible. We design and manufacture in the UK: it means you can get hold of us easily when you need help or want to speak to us. Just give us a ring.

For Homes and Businesses

The Alpha 7 Series

The FastAmps Alpha7 EV charger is suitable for indoor and outdoor use in homes and workplace car parks. Its simple, compact, robust, and reliable design provides up to 7.4kW (32A) of power.

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