BG SyncEV compact socket 7kW – wifi + RFID

£250.00 {£300.00} Inc VAT

  • Compliant with The Electric Vehicles (Smart Charge Points) Regulations 2021, excluding Schedule 1
  • RFID functionality enables use of your charger without using the app – simply swipe your card to start or stop charging
  • Wifi connectivity – free lifetime software updates over-the-air
  • OCPP 1.6J connectivity
  • Dynamic charging – up to 7.4 kW
  • No earth rod required – integrated open PEN conductor protection
  • Safe – integrated earth fault protection (RCD) + PEN protection system
  • Type 2 socket
  • 3-year homeowner warranty
  • This product is not OZEV compliant under either the Workplace of Homecharge scheme.
  • Approved by the regulator for sale & installation until 31st October 2023 (OPSS Enforcement Undertaking Approved 27th January 2023).  UK EV Installers (Vestrimedd Ltd.) has been granted permission by the regulator to sell pending the outcome of our own application for enforcement undertaking.
  • Installers buying this product from UK EV Installers are deemed by OPSS to be 3rd line supply chain and are therefore not required to have an enforcement undertaking of their own, and are free to sell onwards to their end-user customer.
  • EVCP-7KW-S-1PH-32A_Statement_Of_Compliance

Use this CT clamp kit if required https://shop.ukevinstallers.co.uk/product/ct-clamp-kit-for-bg-syncev-compact-charger/

Sync-EV-Compact-Charger—Quick-Start-Guide-EVCP7KWS1PH-EVCP7KWT21PH Installation-Guide-SyncEV-Tethered-Compact-Charger-EVCP7KWT21PH Installation-Guide-SyncEV-Socketed-Compact-Charger-EVCP7KWS1PH

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