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8 way BG Main Switch + RCBO Consumer Unit

£130.00 {£156.00} Inc VAT

Categories: Domestic ElectricalTags: Consumer unitsSKU: CFUSWP810A

12 modules, 8 outgoing ways

This BG Fortress metal IP2XC populated 10 way Main Switch Consumer Unit allows 30mA protection of individual circuits with the added safety features of short circuit and overcurrent protection incorporated in each device. Supplied complete with an integral spirit level, 100A Main Switch, 8 x 30mA Type A RCBOs and all internal cables, terminals, busbar, labels and blanks. A modern stylish design and profile with flexible circuit combinations. Fast and easy installation with backed out and retained terminal screws and captive cover screws and painted in a high gloss finish to match all other BG wiring accessories

  • Integrated spirit Level
  • upward opening visor
  • Combi style screws
  • Tripod fixings
  • Populated
  • 100A main switch
  • All metal construction
  • Type A RCBO
  • Backed out and retained terminal screws
  • Easy Installation


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