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Livoltek 3phase Hybrid inverter, 12KW, 2MMPT, IP65

£1,680.00 {£2,016.00} Inc VAT

Categories: LivoltekTags: 3-Phase inverters, LivoltekSKU: HP3-12KD1

The LIVOLTEK GT3-4/5/8/10/12/15/17/20/22/25K-D1 PV inverter is developed for residential or commercial customers who need a three-phase rooftop model. The Shade Fix integrated shading management system ensures that the inverter maximizes energy production even when the PV panels are lightly shaded. The machine has a built-in optional AFCI module to prevent electrical fires caused by abnormal arc faults in the electrical wiring, with a high safety factor. With 160V ultra-low start-up voltage, ultra-long working time, it’s surely an ideal choice for large commercial and industrial power plants.


  • 150% DC/AC ratio
  • Export limitation (optional)
  • Smart APP to monitor & optimize
  • AFCI (optional)
  • Plug-and-play installation saves time
  • 110% AC output for efficient power generation

10 year warranty

Livoltek 3-phase inverter product sheet

15. Grid Tied Inverter Three Phase 4-25kW

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