PME Fault Detection metal CU with RCBO and surge protection



This is an EV distribution board that will completely disconnect all phases and earth, if a PME fault is detected. It provides customers with a safer and compliant electric vehicle charging solution. There is no need for an earth rod if this distribution board is used.  It is suitable for EV (Electric Vehicle) chargers with integral DC leakage protection but no PME fault detection.

  • Automatically monitors the supply voltage on both 230V & 240V
  • Within 5 seconds in the event of an under-voltage of less than 207V or an over-voltage of more than 253V Live, Neutral & Earth will be isolated.
  • Following an under-voltage isolation, will automatically reset when normal operating range is restored.
  • Following an over-voltage isolation, on the grounds of safety, will need to press the “REST” button of WVP32 to rest the device.


Current rating

32A, 40A

Trip profile

B curve, C Curve

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