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PV Ultra 4-core 4mm

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This cable is designed to meet the requirements of the DC interconnections between the solar panels and the other components of the photovoltaic system, such as the isolators and invertors.

PV-Ultra® provides excellent mechanical properties, can be installed both internally and externally, and has been designed with high quality materials to achieve an anticipated lifespan of circa 25 years.

The cables are designed to operate at a normal maximum conductor temperature of 90°C, but for a maximum of 20,000 hours a max. conductor temperature of 120 °C at a max. ambient temperature of 90°C is permitted.

PV-Ultra® has red and white core colours to comply with the latest requirements of BS7671 with regards to two-wire unearthed DC power circuits (BS7671 Table 51).

The double insulation of PV-Ultra® ensures that the electrical equipment up to the DC connection of the PV inverter is Class II or equivalent insulation (as specified in
BS7671 Clause 712.412.101).

PV-Ultra® is a multicore DC solution that previously was solved by a multicore armoured cable. These multicore armoured cables are no longer recommended for use on the DC side of the installation. PV-Ultra® can now serve as a direct replacement allowing for a compliant multicore solution.

The double insulated conductors are particularly suitable for use at the direct current (d.c.) side of the photovoltaic system, with a nominal d.c. voltage of 1.5kV between conductor and between conductor and earth. Due to the double insulation these cables are suitable to be used with Class II equipment (meeting the requirement of BS7671 Clause 712.412.101 which states that the electrical equipment up to the DC connection of the PV inverter shall be Class II or equivalent insulation).

The double insulated conductors are enclosed in a CarbonTek® bedding, to give even more electrical protection against the steel wire armour (where applicable), with a final outer sheathing of SolarTek® PVC being applied to all variants of the cable (steel wire armoured or not).

PV-Ultra® is aesthetically similar to a mains power cable, as opposed to being similar in appearance to a coaxial cable. Which reduces the probability of homeowners/electricians/DIYers accidently cutting a live d.c. cable.

PV-Ultra® also includes a yellow warning print that further highlights the hazard that these cables are live during daylight hours.




Manufacturer comments for installers

PV-Ultra® provides a quicker, easier and neater install and can be installed using normal cable accessories, cleats and/or clips and gives additional protection without the need for conduit installations. The cable can also remove the need for d.c. junction boxes in certain installations.

We have incorporated a built-in high-tensile rip cord to aid the stripping of the inner bedding. This removes the risk of causing damage to the inner cores when using traditional stripping methods such as cable knives, utility knives, or other stripping tools. This construction of
the cable, and the inclusion of this high-tensile rip cord, mean that exposing the cable conductors is an easy process regardless of what length you need to strip back.

Standard MC4 connectors can be terminated to the cores meaning that the termination and connection to panels is the same as when using traditional single core PV cables.

PV-Ultra® allows for direct connections from the solar panels to the DC isolator/invertor every time, without the need to assess the route for whether conduits will be required, and without the need for junction boxes.

The pre-coloured cores allow the installer to easily identify the polarity saving time and reducing the risk of polarity faults. To ensure this benefit is maintained in the four core PV-Ultra’s an identifying mark is applied to one of the white cores and one of the red cores; this allows them to be easily distinguished.

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Delivery information

This product is delivered directly from the manufacturer, and requires preparation, building or commissioning prior to dispatch.

Dispatch is 1-3 days from the date of order, and delivery is a 24 hour service.

Any available delivery tracking information will be added to your order, and emailed automatically, as soon as it is available

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