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Solax X3 Forth – 100kW Three Phase Inverter (9 MPPT) (DC Switch)

£3,455.00 {£4,146.00} Inc VAT

Categories: SolaxTags: 3-Phase inverters, InvertersSKU: SX-261006

SolaX X3 FORTH 100kW 3 Phase Inverter

SolaX have developed the commercial and roof-top scale string inverter with quality, reliability and efficiency. SolaX three phase 80-150KW inverters boast an ultra-wide MPPT voltage range to allow for more energy harvesting and have a maximum input voltage of 1100V, with a maximum MPPT efficiency of 99.9%. In addition, SolaX X3-Forth is IP66 rated, featured with 32A MPPT current and 150% oversized PV input, customized power station with up to 9MW, 60 parallel system can be achieved by SolaX Datahub 1000

X3-Forth features 9 MPPT, 32A input current and 150% oversized PV power to ensure the maximum power yield. X3-Forth provide as great as 125kW for 380V output, and 150kW for 500V output. In addition, with SolaX Datahub 1000, your power station could be flexible. Like to reach a 1.36MW station with 10 parallel system of X3-Forth 136kW, or a better solution, 9 parallel system of X3-Forth 150kW. SolaX Datahub 1000 also ensure 0 feed-in to prevent penalty.

Key Features:

  • 9 MPPT with 99.9% Efficiency
  • IP66 Protection
  • AFCI Protection
  • Max 32A MPPT
  • AC and DC Surge Protection


Brand SolaX
SKU SX-261006
Item Code X3-FTH-100K
Inverter Type PV Inverter
Nominal AC Output Power 100 kW
Max Input DC Power 150 kWp
No. of MPP Trackers 9
Efficiency 99.9% Max
Phase Three Phase
Integrated WiFi No
Integrated DC Switch Yes
IP Rating IP66
Dimensions (WxHxD)mm 985 x 660 x 327mm
Weight (kg) 83

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