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Stevie 1 – Metal Cage

£20.00 {£24.00} Inc VAT

Categories: AccessoriesTags: Charge point accessoriesSKU: 783-010-001

For Stevie Recessed EV chargers only

Metal Cage for Recessed Stevie Charger – STE-1C This innovative cage installation method and construction increases the longevity of your EV charger but also streamlines the installation, delivering a sleek and minimalist solution that effortlessly enhances any property. With included mounting hardware and a user-friendly guide, installation is straightforward, allowing for seamless attachment of the cage to the wall.

For recessed mounting

The Stevie EV charger features an innovative patent-pending design, incorporating a durable metal cage to securely house the recessed Stevie charger unit. This unique construction facilitates swift and hassle-free installation with our step-by-step guide and included mounting hardware. Once installed, the recessed Stevie charger unit effortlessly slides into place, providing you with a sleek, modern, and minimalist solution that effortlessly complements any property.

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