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Type A RCBO 6A – 40A (WRB)


Categories: ComponentsTags: RCBOs, WCEDSKU: WRB

The WRB Range RCBO from WCED brand with A&AC Type RCD protection in one.RCBO’s provide residual and overload protection in one neat device.  They can detect & respond as for type AC, PLUS pulsating DC components. Ideal for Domestic and Commercial applications.

Switched Live and Neutral
The WRB Range RCBOs with switched neutral built in as standard will fully isolate a faulty or damaged circuit by disconnecting live and neutral conductors.  They offers the most comprehensive circuit protection available.

Using the WRB range RCBO’s will guarantee that healthy circuits remain in service and that only a faulty circuit is switched off. This avoids danger and prevents inconvenience in the event of a fault. They have switched neutral built-in as standard, live and neutral conductors do not have to be disconnected for insulation resistance testing. This saves time and money.


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