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Zaptec Sense single phase 100A load management kit

£140.00 {£168.00} Inc VAT


Experience the future of load management EV charging with Zaptec Sense and ensure a seamless charging experience for your electric vehicles.

Zaptec Sense is the ultimate solution for intelligent load management in EV charging. Designed to optimise your power usage and protect circuit breakers, Zaptec Sense ensures you can charge one or multiple electric vehicles quickly and efficiently, utilising the available power without overloading your electrical system.

Key Features of Zaptec Sense Load Management Device:

  1. Dynamic Load Management: Zaptec Sense adapts to the power consumption in your building, intelligently adjusting the charging speed. When power consumption is low, the charging speed increases, allowing for faster charging of your electric vehicle(s). Conversely, when power consumption is high, Zaptec Sense reduces the charging power to prevent overloading and power outages.
  2. Lower Electricity Bills: By avoiding expensive electricity consumption peaks, Zaptec Sense helps you reduce your electricity bills significantly.
  3. Multiple Vehicle Charging: Charge multiple electric vehicles simultaneously, taking full advantage of available power.
  4. Easy Installation: Zaptec Sense can be conveniently installed near your fuse box for a quick and seamless setup process. A communication cable, tape/magnet and installation manual are included in the box.

How Does Zaptec Sense Work?

Zaptec Sense gathers information on your power consumption. It then adjusts the charging process automatically to align with the overall power usage at your premises.

Where Can Zaptec Sense be Installed?

Zaptec Sense is designed to be compatible with various types of residences and buildings including homes, apartment buildings, shared housing or commercial properties. Zaptec Sense can be seamlessly installed near to your fusebox, providing you with the benefits of smart load management.

What is Dynamic Load Balancing?

Dynamic load balancing adapts EV charging to the power consumption patterns within your building. Zaptec Sense intelligently analyses the overall power usage, taking into account activities that may occur at the same time as EV charging such as cooking and using the washing machine. By considering these factors, the charging speed adjusts accordingly, ensuring optimal utilisation of available power while avoiding any strain on the building’s electrical network.

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