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Stevie EV 7.4kW recessed EV Charger LCD

£599.95 {£719.94} Inc VAT


Stevie Chargers

Introducing Stevie, the new British design EV charger with patent-pending recessed, surface-mounted, socket or tethered (corded) installation options. Developed with a modern, minimalistic focus, enabling rapid installation. Its unique sleek recessed design means it does not encroach on precious real estate.

Recessed Option

Our patented* Stevie® Charge Point recessed design sits within the wall of your building. With a hole size of 235mm x 235mm, approximately equivalent to the width of one standard house brick by three bricks in height, it adds a sleek aesthetic to your property. The installation is quick and straightforward, making it an ideal space-saving solution for any new build. By utilising existing space with the wall, we are not just providing a charging solution but also contributing to the preservation of irreplaceable land.

The recessed design hides 60% (90mm) of the charger within the wall to blend the charger perfectly into your home set up by reducing the depth and saving you space.

  • Single phase 7.4kW
  • RFID charge authorisation
  • PEN-fault protection included
  • wifi or 4G connection (not ethernet)
  • UK office hours installer support
  • Installer personalisation (brand logo) location optional
  • Downward facing backlight for ease of use
  • LCD display (some models)
  • Type 2 socket, or tethered (model specific)
  • CT clamp included
  • Metal cage included with product
  • 3 year warranty standard, can be extended to 5 years
  • Stylish cable mount optional extra – see products below
  • Available with changeable colour fascias (not specialist skills required to change) – see products below
  • Smart control mobile App
  • Can be powered by Monta


Note:  The main product image is specific to this product (783-004-001).  The gallery pictures shows a selection from the range as a whole, and images may be of different product variants.

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